AlphaTales: Alphabet Set

26 A to Z Jumbo Letter Cards to Display on Your Wall or Bulletin Board

Product Description:

A is for alligator and B is for bear! Teach the shape and sound of each letter with this colorful set of 26 big, bright, alphabet cards—each one featuring a different and adorable animal! Includes a teaching guide stuffed with instant and fun ways to use this charming letter display to ensure kids REALLY know their ABCs. Ready to mount on your wall or bulletin board!

Includes Tweny-six 5-7/8" x 8-1/2" full-color cards + teaching tips.

Teaching Tip:

Play “I Spy.” Describe a letter on the frieze without naming it. (“I spy a curvy letter that makes the sound sssss. ” ) Invite a child to point to the letter!

Grades PreK-1

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eBook (5.4 MB) 15


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