The month of October is full of special dates, awareness of important causes, and ends with a very famous favorite holiday! Here is a list of October happenings, and great ideas to make the most of them!

1. October is National Bullying Prevention Month: (Ties into “National Stop Bullying Week” October 7th – 13th)

This is the perfect opportunity to talk about bullying. Reinforce class and school rules. To help promote kindness give each student another student’s name. It is best if you choose who gets whose name. Tell your students that during the day they must each do three nice things for the student’s whose name they were given. One of the things must be to leave a note with a positive comment on it on the person’s desk or someplace s/he is sure to find it. For example: You are always kind to others. You are always willing to help others. You are an exceptional baseball player.

2. October is National Book Month

Use this month to help get students excited about reading. Try doing some read alouds and reader’s theater. Choose a number of your favorite books for students and read a chapter from one or two, give a synopsis of a few and read the jackets of others.

During the month ask each student to share their favorite book. If they can explain why it’s their favorite great if not have them read the jacket copy or for your good readers a sample chapter.

Have each students pick a book s/he will read during October. For younger children choose a series of books you will read together.

For struggling readers suggest they choose magazine or newspaper articles to read.

This month is a time to help students understand how enjoyable reading can be. Encourage them to explore different type of literature.

For some great read aloud and reader's theater materials, just click here!

3. October is Bat Appreciation Month

That’s right it’s bat appreciation month! We need bats for all the insects they eat. Have your students’ research bats and write up a one page report. For younger students let them draw a picture of a bat on picture story paper and write a sentence or two underneath.

To enhance your bats unit, just click here!

4. The Second Monday in October is Columbus Day

To learn about exploration and Christopher Columbus, just click here!

5. October 14th – 20th is Nation Food Bank Week

Run a food drive in your school and deliver the food to your local food pantry. Discuss why supporting your local food pantries is important especially in these economic times.

6. October 21st – 27th is National Chemistry Week

This year marks 25 years of National Chemistry Week (NCW). Spend the week doing some exciting chemistry experiments!

Scholastic offers experiments your students will want to try. Just click here to view some great resources. This is a great week to get your students enthusiastic about chemistry!

7. October 29th is Internet Day

ARPANET was launched on this day in 1969. It wasn’t until 1982 that the name “Internet” surfaced.

If you have computers take this day to let students research different topics which you assign or approve online. Have them write a one page paper on the results of their research. Display the papers around the room. Allow students to read each other's reports.

Talk to your students about how wonderful the internet can be. Also remind them that they need to be careful and should talk about Internet safety with their parent or guardian. Remind them that not everything they find online is true. It is up to them to be critical of information on the internet, and determine what is fact!

8. October 31st is Halloween!

Talk about Halloween safety. Have a pumpkin drawing contest. Put the finished drawings around the room. Place a number on each picture. Have students vote by secret ballot for the number pumpkin they like best. Give every student a small prize like a bookmark for participating.

For Halloween ideas, Just click here.

October is the month to celebrate holidays, history, classmates, reading, science, and more, to find the resources you need to make the most of October, just click here!