The ABC’s of Life is a collection of words of wisdom—from A to Z—meant to teach and inspire you to live life to the fullest.

In his introduction, author Byron V. Garrett, writes:

I’ve reached the conclusion that every life can be a success story. Life is truly a gift, and we should never take this gift for granted. But there is a distinction between being merely successful and being highly successful—being the type of person who makes a significant contribution to family, career, community, or even the world. That’s where The ABCs of Life comes in. Allow the ABCs to be your how-to guide to living a highly successful life.


    To start off the book, the letter A invites us all to Accept the Challenge…

    “Accepting the challenge requires that you take action.”

    You must be willing to accept the challenge to be highly successful in life. Most people spend their entire lives waiting for opportunities and great things to happen. Instead of waiting for opportunities, you must take hold of your future and face each day with a spirit of optimism and excitement. You must make the opportunities happen—and recognize each change to do so.

    I remember my parents telling me as a child that the early bird gets the worm. This virtue still holds true. No matter your station in life, begin to accept the challenge as soon as the sun begins to rise each day. Time waits for no one—so there’s no time for hesitation and no time for second-guessing yourself. You’ll encounter plenty of people throughout life who will second-guess you. Don’t join them. Leave minor details to those who live minor lives. You are on the verge of achieving greatness. Embrace it and make this your reality.

    Accepting the challenge requires that you take action. Whether it’s a baby step, a hop, a jump, or a giant leap, begin each new day with the desire to excel and a passion for greatness. Without question, “accept” is an action word. You must accept the challenge, adopting the positive mindest that it’s a brand new day, and that this new day is filled with opportunities, sometimes disguised as obstacles. Know you are going to make it happen. Begin today. Accept the challenge.


      As he continues to share his recipe for motivation and inspiration, Garrett moves down the alphabet and delivers messages such as:

      Believe in Yourself

      Expect Failure, but Also Expect Success

      Learn How to Learn

      Quit Quitting

      Utilize Your Network

      …and many more. Each with a moving explanation of his message, and ways to implement it in your own life!