Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Mainstream Classroom

How to Reach and Teach Students With ASDs

By: Barbara L. Boroson

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This engaging and informative book gives you the knowledge you need to understand students with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and the strategies you can use to help them succeed in school. Drawing on her 20 years experience working with students with ASDs, Barbara Boroson guides you through creating a responsive classroom attuned to the needs of your students with ASDs, and she shares preventive strategies that help head off challenging behavior before it becomes disruptive. The end goal is a classroom in which all students feel valued and respected, in which all students can learn and grow!

Grades K - 6

Astonishing Savants: Savant qualities are exceptional abilities or talents that stand dramatically apart from typical functional levels. In the movie Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman’s character, Raymond, exhibited extraordinary calculation skills when he glanced quickly at a mess of hundreds of spilled toothpicks and instantly assessed exactly how many were scattered about the floor. Savant qualities are present among about 10% of people with autism spectrum disorders (as opposed to among less than 1% of the general population), and when they appear they can be quite astonishing. Students on the spectrum who have savant qualities almost always demonstrate remarkable memory and often possess uncanny abilities in music, math, technology, calendar calculation, or other areas.

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