Condensation: Science Lessons for the SMART Board™ (Grades 4-6)

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Condensation (the reverse of evaporation) is what happens when gas turns to liquid. Students observe that air contains water vapor and when this hits a cold surface it may condense. This ready-to-use lesson—in Notebook software—gives you everything you need for a lively science unit! Includes: • a Getting Started activity • a step-by-step Mini-Lesson plan • an Independent Work activity • a Wrap-Up activity (to round up the teaching and learning and identify any assessment opportunities)

Grades 4 - 6

This mini-lesson and activity(s) meets the following science standard(s): • Std 1, Lvl II, Benchmark 1: Knows that water exists in the air in different forms (e.g., in clouds and fog as tiny droplets, in rain, snow, and hail) and changes from one form to another through various processes (e.g., freezing, condensation, precipitation, evaporation) • Std 1, Lvl III, Benchmark 2: Knows the processes involved in the water cycle (e.g., evaporation, condensation, precipitation, surface run-off, percolation) and their effects on climatic patterns

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