Diphthongs oi/ou/ow/oy (One-Week Lesson): RTI - Easy Phonics Interventions

By: Kama Einhorn

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A research-based phonics intervention unit to help you meet the requirements of Response to Intervention (RTI) Tier 2. Each activity sheet targets and teaches a key phonics skill crucial for rapid decoding. The unit provide students with multiple opportunities to practice the skill, apply what they learn—and succeed! Diphthongs: The English language is full of sound-spelling patterns that must simply be memorized and reinforced through exposure and repetition. This one-week unit explores several diphthongs (ou as in house and oi as in coin).

Grades 2 - 3

Sky Writing: Great for physical learners, sky writing is a way to reinforce letter shapes and spelling patterns by having students trace letters in the air space right in front of them. For instance, when teaching the consonant blend st, have students hold up their index finger and “write” st in the air in front of them. You can use sky writing for any letter, letter combination, or even for whole words.

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