Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human Body

Easy How-To's for Making 20 Models, Manipulatives, and Mini-Books That will Wow Kids and Teach About the Incredible Human Body

By: Patricia J. Wynne and Donald M. Silver

ISBN: 9780545406437
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Product Description:

How do we hear? What makes our bodies move? How do nerves work? Kids find the answers to these and other questions with Accordion Ears, Muscle Makers, and Nerve Necklaces! Ready-to-use patterns and easy how-to's let kids make models that teach about the major body systems. Includes science background information and extension activities! 80 pages.

Grades 2 - 4

Mmmm! Mmmm! Good! Prove to your students that smelling affects how food tastes. Have students eat a cookie or cracker as they hold their nostrils shut. Then ask them to take a bite of the same food with their nostrils open. How did the food taste each time? How does their sense of smell affect the taste?

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