Europe (Reading a Political Map): Map Skills - Grades 4-8

By: Spencer Finch

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Product Description:

Students use a map to learn about how railroads grew over time in Europe! Includes a teaching guide, a reproducible activity, a full-color transparency page (print onto a clear transparency sheet), and an answer key!

The teaching guide is divided into four parts:
• Getting Started: Links the map skill with the real world and students' prior knowledge, and creates motivation for students to learn the skill.
• Teaching With the Transparency: Offers strategies for using the map transparency with the overhead projector in a whole-class setting. This section includes ideas for modeling the map skills as well as large-group instruction activities for helping students understand how to read the map and understand information presented in map form.
• Questions to Explore: Suggests critical thinking questions that help further students' understanding of the concepts presented in the map.
• To Do: Provides links to the student reproducible. The reproducible is marked with a pencil icon. Students can complete the reproducible independent of the transparency, either in the classroom or as a homework assignment.

Grades 4 - 8

You may wish to copy the reproducible onto a clear transparency sheet to model how students might work through the answers.

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