Grammar Puzzles & Games Kids Can't Resist!

40 Super-Cool Crosswords, Codes, Mazes, and More That Teach the Essential Rules of Grammar

By Karen Kellaher

Product Description:

At last, a collection of grammar lessons and activities kids will actually clamor for! Your students will love these cool crosswords, codes, mazes and more that teach punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, agreement, sentence structure, and all of the fundamentals. Comes complete with easy step-by-step mini-lessons to ensure kids finally learn the rules once and for all! 64 pages.

Teaching Tip:

Includes opportunities for both independent and collaborative learning: Some of the activities—such as crosswords and word searches—are designed for students to complete individually. Others—such as the partner stories—are perfect for pairs or teams!

Grades 3-6

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eBook (1.8 MB) 64


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