Management Strategy: Establishing Routines - Rituals and Transitions

By: Pam Allyn, Jaime Margolies and Karen McNally

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We can lean on our routines; they create a known and predictable path through the day. Our students will appreciate the routines we set up for them as well. They will appreciate knowing what comes next and what is expected of them. Once routines are in place, you can take a step back from managing students and focus on teaching. Children thrive on predictability that is matched with a vibrant curriculum and the impact of your own inspirations. Just as they love bedtime stories and the familiar sound of beloved voices, so, too, in school the routines they come to expect every day make it easier for you and them to savor time. In this lesson, examples and explanations of schedules, classroom rituals, transition times, and more are illustrated with big, beautiful photographs and must-know step-by-steps!

Grades K - 2

What if my students don’t concentrate well in their independent reading and writing spots? You may have to experiment a bit with where your students feel most comfortable and are most productive as readers and writers. You may want to say that you are going to practice with writing spots for two days. Have students pick spots; then you will visit those spots and observe how comfortable and productive your students are in them. At the end of the two days, you could have students switch spots, watch them carefully, and then after four days go by, make your determination as to where they will be for the next six weeks. If you take these small choices seriously, your children will, too.

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