Math Word Problems Strategy - Make an Organized List: SMART Board™ Lesson

By: Bob Krech, Denise Birrer and Stephanie DiLorenzo

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Making a list is particularly useful in word problems that ask you to find all possible combinations. With a list, you can check and see if you've considered all the possibilities! This lesson is a PDF teaching guide, zipped with a ready-to-go companion file in SMART Notebook software!

Grades 3 - 6

If students have trouble writing with the SMART pens, check that they are holding the stylus correctly. If a student's wrist or hand rubs against the screen while writing, his or her writing will appear garbled and illegible. When using these pens, only the stylus tip should make contact with the SMART Board. If the writing is not showing up on the screen, try pushing a little harder with the SMART pen. Applying pressure with the pens will not damage the SMART Board.

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