Multiplying Decimals by 10, 100, and 1,000 (Number & Operations): Math Lessons for the SMART Board™/4-6

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Launch the “Multiplying Decimals by 10, 100, and 1,000” Notebook file. Press the image to the Moving Digits Interactive Teaching Program and use it to talk through the place value of each number in a decimal number. To create a decimal number, click on a number card at the top of the page, then drag that digit to the desired place value below. Repeat until you have the decimal number you want. Then click on the x10 or x100 icon below to see and discuss what happens to the decimal point when the number is multiplied by 10 or 100. Ask students what would happen if a number were multiplied by 1,000? Complete with a teacher's page PDF, a "Dice Template" reproducible, and a launch-and-learn Notebook file, this mini-lesson helps to achieve the following learning objectives: • Use knowledge of place value and multiplication facts to 10 x 10 to derive related multiplication facts involving decimals.

Grades 4 - 6

This mini-lesson meets the following Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: 5.NBT.2: Explain patterns in the number of zeros of the product when multiplying a number by powers of 10, and explain patterns in the placement of the decimal point when a decimal is multiplied or divided by a power of 10. This mini-lesson also meets the following NCTM Standards: • Understand various meanings of multiplication and division. • Develop and use strategies to estimate computations involving fractions and decimals in situations relevant to students’ experience. • Understand the meaning and effects of arithmetic operations with fractions, decimals, and integers.

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