Note Taking: Developing Text-Marking Strategies

By: Deana Hippie

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In high-stakes testing situations, knowing how to make in-text notations is critical because of the large amount of reading required. Teaching students text-marking strategies accomplishes two objectives. First, students are more focused on what they are reading because they are making decisions about what to mark. Second, they are emphasizing words and phrases that will allow them to quickly find information in the passage to answer test questions. This unit features two lessons that help students develop their text-marking strategies—plus several additional strategies for guided and independent in-text marking practice!
• Reviewing How- to Color-Code a Paragraph
(Lesson Objective: To review color-coding a paragraph by identifying general, specific, and more specific information)
• Identifying and Marking Essential Information
(Lesson Objective: To identify and mark only the essential information in a passage)

Grades 5 - 12

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