Pictures That Make Sense (and Scents) - Sensory Details Writing Lesson

By: David Lee Finkle

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Pictures Drawn Out of Words - Reading Like a Writer Writing Lesson 12
Picture Basics - Abstract to Concrete Writing Lesson 8
Pictures of Places - Atmosphere and Setting Writing Lesson 11
Pictures of People - Appearances in Context Writing Lesson 12
Pictures of Personalities - Actions and Emotions Writing Lesson 12
Pictures in Action - Moment-by-Moment Narration Writing Lesson 12
Pictures of Situations - Hypothetical Scenarios Writing Lesson 10
Pictures in Frames - Movie and Comic-Strip Techniquest Writing Lesson 14
Pictures Beyond Compare - Figurative Language Writing Lesson 12
Pictures as Poetry - Evoking Emotion Writing Lesson 8
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Product Description:

Can the written word outdo a movie? Yes! Why? Because most movies cannot go beyond the senses of sight and sound. Words, unlike movies, can help us delve into all five senses. This lesson features several strategies to help students make sense (and scents) of their writing!

Strategies Include:
• Senses in Books (examples of writing that is rich with sensory detail)
• Sensory Options (direct sensory input, action senses)
• Sensory Writing Exercises
• Fiction Sense vs. Nonfiction Sense

Grades 5 - 12

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