Pizza! Pizza! (Fractions/Money): Building Real-Life Math Skills

By: Liane B. Onish

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Product Description:

Help your students apply their new money and fraction skills to real-life situations with this fun, engaging math lesson. Designed for students in grades three through five, this lesson includes three parts: a Teaching Guide, Let's Work Together and Now It's Your Turn. A menu at the top of the page outlines prices and serving sizes for pizzas and salads. After reading the story, which revolves around Matt's upcoming pizza party, students are asked to make various calculations, including how many slices of pizza each person will have, how much pizza and salad Matt's parents should order and what should be done about the leftovers.

This engaging lesson is available in a convenient ePage format and helps students hone their skills with fractions, decimals and money. With options for independent learning, group work and a guide to help teachers make the most of the lesson, Pizza! Pizza! is a great addition to any lesson plan

Grades 3 - 5

This real-life math lesson follows the following three-part format: 1. Teaching Guide: A one- or two-page plan to help you make the most of the lesson. 2. Let’s Work Together: A reproducible introductory activity that you and students use together to expl

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