Prefixes and Suffixes: Word Study Unit

By: Linda Ward Beech

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Compound Words: Word Study Unit 7
Latin and Greek Roots: Word Study Unit 22
Plurals and Possessives: Word Study Unit 10
Word Endings: Word Study Unit 4
Contractions: Word Study Unit 4
Easily Confused Words: Word Study Unit 4
Syllables: Word Study Unit 7
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Product Description:

Teach and review basic word study techniques—and reinforce reading fluency—with this unit that focuses on prefixes and suffixes! Includes three prefix lessons, three suffix lessons, and one combined lesson. Activities include: - underline the prefix in each word, then write the base word without the prefix - read a paragraph, circle the words with suffixes, then answer questions - from a word list write the prefix and the suffix in each word, then write the base word and more!

Grades 3 - 6

Review, review, review. For example, when students are working on this lesson about prefixes and suffixes, they will also encounter various vowel and consonant sounds. Take a minute to remind students about what they already know about those sounds!

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