Problem Solving Practice Test 3: Math Skills (Grade 5)

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Help students succeed on standardized tests! The questions supporting this test are specifically designed to review the following problem solving concepts: • Solve one-step problems using basic operations • Solve problems involving money, time, measurement • Solve problems involving estimation and ratio/proportion • Solve problems involving probability and logic • Identify steps to solving problems • Solve multi-step problems The bubble test format will help students become accustomed to filling in bubbles on a real test. It may also make the tests easier for you to score! (To answer some of the questions on this practice test, students will need an inch ruler and a centimeter ruler.)

Grade 5

The Math Skills measured in this test and the types of questions are based on detailed analyses and correlations of the five most widely used standardized tests and the curriculum standards measured by many statewide tests, including the following: • Stanford Achievement Test • CTBS TerraNova • Metropolitan Achievement Test • Iowa Test of Basic Skills • California Achievement Test • California's STAR Test • TAAS (Texas) • MCAS (Massachusetts) • FCAT (Florida) • New York

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