The Scholastic Teacher Plan Book (Updated)

By Tonya Ward-Singer and Bill Singer

Product Description:

A teacher-created, deluxe planner with teaching tips on each planning page, helpful resources, reproducible forms, student planning pages, national standards, Bloom's Taxonomy, and much more!

Teaching Tip:

Build community in your classroom by starting each day with a community circle. Choose an object such as a small stuffed animal, squeeze toy, or a polished stone to be the official sign of a person’s turn to talk. Ask a question each day and pass the object around the circle to give each child an opportunity to share or pass. Or you might give your students a sentence to complete, such as:

• My favorite color is . . .
• I feel happy when . . .
• My weekend was great/terrible because . . .
• My favorite part of the field trip was . . .

Community circle sharing can encourage students to appreciate both differences and similarities between their peers and themselves. For an extension, let students think of question topics. Older students can write their ideas for a suggestion box that you draw from at each community circle!

Grades K–6

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