Word Family Tales: When Zelda Zink Spilled the Ink (-ink)

By Liza Charlesworth

Product Description:

Guess what happens when Zelda Zink spills a bottle of purple ink! Her silly-but-simple solution will really have you in stiches!

This rib-tickling read-aloud tale was created especially to build early phonics skills by teaching children to recognize "families" of words that share the same spelling pattern. This key reading strategy helps kids decode new words with ease—and become stronger readers, writers, and spellers! Also includes riddles, a cheer, and reading tips! 16 pages.

Teaching Tip:

Read the cheer aloud several times, with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Invite children to join you in reciting the cheer when they feel ready (you might even choose a “cheerleader”)!

Grades PreK-2

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