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100 Tips & Strategies for Developing Fine-Motor Skills to Help Young Students Build a Strong Foundation for Handwriting

By: Peggy Campbell-Rush

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Product Description:

Most 21st-century children don’t get enough daily exercise and enter school lacking the basic strength and coordination they need to be successful at simple tasks, such as gripping a pencil or sitting upright at a desk. The fine-motor and gross-motor activities in this book target the physical obstacles that can slow down students in an era of more rigorous academic expectations. Quick, fun, and engaging, these activities can be done easily at any time of the day to help build the physical skills young learners need to write with stamina and fluency. Also includes a sample daily schedule and photographs!

Grades PreK - 2

If you do not think posture matters, try this simple experiment:

Stand with your arms raised in the air, with a big smile on your face. Then shout out, “I am having the worst day ever.” Next, lower your arms to your side, slump your shoulders, downcast your eyes and say, “I have never been so happy in my life.” If you do this experiment, you will see that what you say does not match your action. When your body is in an elated position that is how you feel. If you are hunched and slumped you will feel deflated and your energy will go down.

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