Early Reading Instruction and Intervention: A Sourcebook for PreK-2

By: Cindy Middendorf

ISBN: 9780545606240
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Product Description:

Mentor teacher and best-selling author Cindy Middendorf shares research-based, classroom-tested lessons, strategies, and activities that help every young reader thrive. Simple routines strengthen the brain-body connection and develop gross motor skills, helping children develop the focus and stamina they need for reading. You’ll find strategies for supporting all students during whole-class lessons, just-right tools that foster success with independent tasks, targeted interventions for different learning styles, and engaging lessons, activities, and interventions for phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, fluency, and comprehension! 144 pages.

What the Research Says

Researchers agree: a powerful connection exists between physical maturity and cognitive readiness (Diamond, 2000; Hannaford, 2007). We now know that lack of attention to specific physical criteria can account for learning problems well into second grade and beyond, and that it’s never too late to integrate activities for core strength, cross laterals, balance, and coordination. Some theorists speculate that the increasing incidence of learning problems in the early grades is directly connected to a cultural norm that no longer includes long periods of outdoor or active play for young children. The attraction of television and computers, concerns about safety, and complex family schedules all play a role in the lack of robust gross motor play that is crucial to building core strength, balance, coordination, and the sense of self in space—all now recognized as important factors in the readiness equation!

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