The Paraphrasing Reading Strategy for Struggling Readers

By: Joan Lazar and Christine Vogel

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To paraphrase is to put what you have read into your own words. When using the Paraphrasing Reading Strategy, students try to imagine the meaning of the text they are reading, or have just read. This beginning level reading strategy is used with books at the readers' level, both in terms of concept and language—books that they would understand very well if the books were read to them.

Grades 2 - 6

What is the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing? Readers paraphrase every bit of language they see; that is, they restate it to themselves in another form. It is an ongoing mental process. Summarizing is a shortened version of paraphrasing. It is a decision to reduce all the information the reader has understood to a brief statement of the essential ideas.

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