Super Sentences & Perfect Paragraphs

Quick Practice Pages That Scaffold Key Writing Skills and Prepare Students for Standardized Tests

By: Mack Lewis

ISBN: 9780545064033
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Product Description:

This collection of 15-minute, fun and engaging writing activities is designed to help students succeed in standardized writing tests. Each sentence-writing activity starts with a model sentence and a quick tip for helping students craft their own sentences, from simple subject-predicate sentences to more detailed compound sentences. Students then graduate to writing and structuring different kinds of paragraphs, including descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive. Includes a list of inspiring prompts and topics to get students’ creative juices flowing.

Grades 3 - 6

Have Fun With Topics
Teach your students to make any given topic work for them. For example, if the topic is “elves” but the student wants to write about video games, encourage him or her to write a sentence about an elf who is playing a video game. In so doing, you’ll teach students to fearlessly tackle any topic. Few will say, “I can’t think of anything to write” or “I don’t like any of the topics.”

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