The Decoding Solution

Rime Magic & Fast Success for Struggling Readers

By: Sharon Zinke

ISBN: 9780545382632
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This slender guide draws together several pivotal onset rime decoding strategies that struggling readers often fail to learn, yet need in order to overcome their reading challenges. Struggling readers need fast, efficient instruction that provides them with immediate success. These strategies work quickly for students of all ages to bring low word recognition skills up to grade level! Includes a four-stage plan for staff development, and video demonstrations!

Grades 1 - 12

When students have difficulty spelling an onset, just help them hear each letter as you “stretch it out” for them. Be sure to maintain a positive response. If the word is splatter, and the student says s . . .l . . . , my response is, That’s right! Splatter begins with an s and here is the l. Now listen, s/p/l/ atter. Usually the student will be able to hear the missing p after you stretch out the onset. Remember, they are always right. Just notice where they are right, and help them with the rest! After supporting students in spelling the word, ask them to spell it again. This time they will spell it more fluently!

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