The New Teacher's Complete Sourcebook: Middle School

A Success Guide That Takes You Through Your First Year in the Classroom…and Helps You Build the Foundation for Great—And Joyful—Teaching Every Year!

By: Paula Naegle

ISBN: 9780545410007
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Save: $17.99 (78%)

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Product Description:

Super practical! From what to do during the first 5 minutes of school to the best teaching ideas for middle schoolers, this book has the answers. The author trains new teachers, so she knows the questions and concerns that keep them up at night. Includes advice from many teachers, curriculum planning guides, assessment strategies, and hundreds more tips and ideas. 192 pages.

Grades 5 - 12

Best Kept Secret: Effective teachers manage their classrooms with procedures—and they prepare! In advance of the first day of school, they have thought about what they want students to do and how these things should be done. When you inform students right from the start how you expect them to behave and work in the classroom, you establish your authority, and they can get down to the serious business of learning!

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