The Planet Without Pronouns: Grammar Tales Mini-Book & Puzzles

By Pamela Chanko

Product Description:

Can Stanley Sharpleton teach the creatures on planet Krimular how to use pronouns? He is sure going to try! Join him on his excellent adventure! This grammar lesson teaches all about pronouns quicker than you can say Krimular! It also includes an out-of-this-world word search and crossword puzzle, as well as before-, during-, and after-reading tips, ways to extend the learning, and a "Super Stand-Ins" transparency template!

Teaching Tip:

During Reading After reading the story once through for meaning, you can reinforce a variety of concepts in subsequent readings. • Invite students to raise their hands each time they hear a pronoun. • Help students distinguish between different types of pronouns. They can clap their hands once for singulars and twice for plurals. Have students stand up each time they hear a possessive pronoun. • As students find pronouns, stop occasionally and challenge them to locate the antecedent (the noun that the pronoun is replacing).

Grades 3 & Up

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