The Reasons I Love Seasons (Months and Seasons): Mini-Book

By: Maria Fleming

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Product Description:

In this mini-book, students will identify the seasons and explore the changes that make each season unique. Children will need scissors and glue sticks to complete the activity.

Grades K - 1

Explore the concept of months and seasons in greater depth by creating a class calendar. Two or three students can work together to make each of the 12 pictures that will accompany the calendar grids. Help students write the name of their assigned month at the top of a large sheet of paper. They can then draw a picture that depicts a special event, type of weather, or activity appropriate for that month. Before binding the pages together with numbered grid pages to complete the calendar, allow students to practice sequencing the months of the year. Hang their pictures, out of sequence, on a clothesline.

Students can take turns putting the months in the proper order.

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