A Verb for Herb: Grammar Tales Mini-Book & Puzzles

By Pamela Chanko

Product Description:

Herb was bored, Herb was blue, He sighed to himself, "There's nothing to do." Along came a fairy. She said, "Listen, Herb. There's plenty to do. All you need is a verb."... This grammar lesson teaches all about verbs through an exciting story, and an action-packed word search and crossword puzzle! Also includes before-, during-, and after-reading tips, ways to extend the learning, and a "Where's the Action?" transparency template!

Teaching Tip:

During Reading After reading the story once through for meaning, you can reinforce a variety of concepts in subsequent readings. • Invite students to raise their hands each time they hear an action verb. • Help students distinguish between types of verbs by having them stand on action verbs and clap on linking verbs. • Have students raise both hands when they hear a sentence that contains two verbs paired together, such as He could run. Challenge them to tell which is the main verb and which is the helping verb!

Grades 3 & Up

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