Healthy Teeth and Gums: Science Lessons for the SMART Board™ (Grades 1-3)

Product Description:

Children learn that healthy teeth need healthy gums, and that some foods can be damaging to their teeth. This ready-to-use lesson—in Notebook software—gives you everything you need to learn about healthy teeth and gums! Includes: • a Getting Started activity • a step-by-step Mini-Lesson plan • an Independent Work activity • a Wrap-Up activity (to round up the teaching and learning and identify any assessment opportunities)

Teaching Tip:

This mini-lesson and activity(s) meets the following science standard(s): • Std 5, Lvl II, Benchmark 2: Knows that living organisms have distinct structures and body systems that serve specific functions in growth, survival, and reproduction (e.g., various body structures for walking, flying, or swimming)

Grades 1-3

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