Get Ready for Baby Birds (Spring): Sequencing Mini-Book

By: Maria Fleming

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Will there soon be baby birds in the nest? This mini-book includes only text on the pages, allowing children to provide their own illustration for each page. Recognizing that stories have a beginning, middle, and end deepens comprehension, builds logic and critical thinking skills.

Grades K - 1

Invite children to make their own sequencing mini-books. Suggest that they choose a familiar activity as the basis of their story. For example, they might create a book about how they get ready for school, how to make a snow angel, how to fly a kite, or how to give a dog a bath. Children can write or dictate the text for each page of their book. As they work with their story, encourage them to use sequencing signal words such as first, next, then, before, after, last, and finally. Have children illustrate their pages and then bind them behind a cover. If desired, ask children to omit the page numbers. Then punch holes in the pages and tie them together with yarn or string so that children can take their books apart and challenge others to sequence the pages.

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