The Life of a Butterfly (Spring): Sequencing Mini-Book

By: Maria Fleming

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Product Description:

From caterpillar to butterfly—this is the story of a butterfly's life cycle. In this 4-page mini-book, children match a text box to the picture on each page, then sequence the pages. Recognizing that stories have a beginning, middle, and end deepens comprehension, builds logic and critical thinking skills.

Grades K - 1

Any of the mini-books can easily be adapted to a pocket chart activity. Simply write the mini-book text on sentence strips or use the illustrations to create picture cards. (Or make cards with both the text and illustrations.) Place the sentence strips or picture cards out of sequence in a pocket chart. Then invite children to put them in the proper order. As they work, encourage children to talk about the picture or text clues that help them make their decisions about the story sequence.

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