The Surprise Party (Spring): Sequencing Mini-Book

By: Maria Fleming

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The animals are throwing a surprise party for Farmer Fred! This 5-page mini-book has words and pictures on every page. Children use both textual and visual clues to sequence the pages. Recognizing that stories have a beginning, middle, and end deepens comprehension, builds logic and critical thinking skills.

Grades K - 1

Introduce the mini-book with a simple demonstration and discussion about sequencing. Bring in sandwich-making materials and ask children to watch closely as you assemble a sandwich. Afterward, invite volunteers to describe the process. Offer prompts such as, “What did I do first? What did I do next? What was the last step?” Then write the steps of the process on sentence strips and place them in order in a pocket chart. Read the sentences aloud. Explain to children that putting things in time order is called sequencing. Ask them to tell why it is important to know the order in which things happen. Then mix up the sentence strips in the pocket chart and read them aloud again. Ask: Are these directions for making the sandwich clear or confusing? If you tried to make the sandwich in this order, what problems might you have? Conclude by having children put the sentences back in their proper sequence.

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