Tunes That Teach Spelling

12 Lively Tunes and Hands-On Activities That Teach Spelling Rules, Patterns, and Tricky Words

By Marcia Miller and Martin Lee

Product Description:

Help make spelling stick with these engaging, original songs that teach students how to tackle silent letters (e.g., autumn, doubt), double consonants (dinner/diner, filled/filed), homophones (allowed/aloud, pause/paws), contractions (let's, you're), and so much more. Includes 12 songs, song sheets, background information, and fun activities! 32 pages + CD.

Teaching Tip:

Set up an interactive word wall. Divide it into sections according to the number of syllables or number of letters in long words. Invite students to add examples to the proper section of the word wall of any long words they encounter while reading, speaking, or listening. Choose several of these words to be part of your weekly spelling list!

Grades 3-6

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