Two Funny, Little Red Apples (Adjectives): Sight Words Poem

By: Deborah Ellermeyer and Judith Rowell

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A sight words poem—plus two compelling activities—to help children learn all about words that describe, adjectives!

• Describe It (objectives)
- to understand that adjectives are describing words
- to identify sight word adjectives in the poem
- to brainstorm adjectives to describe a picture

• Match and Draw (objectives)
- to illustrate adjective-noun phrases using sight words
- to match adjective-noun phrases to drawings

The poem features words from the Dolch list, a widely recognized list of sight words. Along with the companion activities, this poem presents an opportunity to introduce children to specific elements of language such as parts of speech, word families, and more! Includes a copy of the poem (Two Funny, Little Red Apples), two activities, plus teaching tips!

Grades K - 2

Kids get multiple exposures and repetition of sight words! Word learning requires children to view words repeatedly in a variety of texts (McCormick, 1994, 1995). Many of these poems repeat words and phrases, so that children get multiple opportunities with the sight words!

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