Vocabulary Word of the Day

180 Wonderful Words With Quick & Creative Activities That Expand Kids' Vocabularies, Enrich Writing, & Boost Test Scores

By: Martin Lee and Marcia Miller

ISBN: 9780545406703
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Product Description:

Word of the Day for Kids E-X-P-A-N-D kids' vocabularies and enrich their writing with 180 terrific words—one for each day of the school year! Comes complete with clear definitions, model sentences, and "Wordwork" activities that help students master new words through writing, speaking, drawing, acting out definitions, and more. A great way to empower kids to express themselves in colorful, precise language and boost standardized test scores! 80 pages.

Grades 3 - 6

Present words daily or, as a set, weekly. Start class with one of the words. Print a page, cut it in half, and post the word and its treatment. (You may wish to enlarge the page for greater visibility.) Post words in the same spot each day, perhaps within a frame, to accustom students to this activity. As you complete each word, store it alphabetically in a file box or accordion file!

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