Wake Up, Jake! (-ake): Word Family Play

By: Pamela Chanko

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Create confident, fluent readers. This delightful play gives children plenty of repeated reading practice with words from the "-ake" word family! Guaranteed to help children build the decoding skills that lead fluency and comprehension. They'll want to read them again and again!

Grades K - 2

Word Family Freeze ‘n’ Go This game improves listening skills while keeping children moving! 1. Clear an open area and have children form a horizontal line against a wall, or have them stand on a starting line that you’ve marked with masking tape. Stand at a distance, facing the group, and announce a target phonogram (for instance, -est). Explain to children that you will be calling out some words, and it is their job to move forward until they tag you. The catch? Children may only move on -est words! If they hear a word that does not end with -est, they must freeze in place. 2. Begin calling out words (such as nest, best, pest) as children move forward, and then randomly insert a word from a different family (such as snake). Anyone caught moving on that word must return to the starting line and begin again. Continue calling out words as children freeze and go. The first child to reach you wins and gets to be the next word caller. (If children have trouble calling words spontaneously, you might give callers a word list or word cards to read from.)

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