Word Families -ack/-ell/-est/-ick (One-Week Lesson): RTI - Easy Phonics Interventions

By: Kama Einhorn

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A research-based phonics intervention unit to help you meet the requirements of Response to Intervention (RTI) Tier 2. Each activity sheet targets and teaches a key phonics skill crucial for rapid decoding. The unit provide students with multiple opportunities to practice the skill, apply what they learn—and succeed! Word Families: Also known as phonograms, word families are a great way to recognize common spelling patterns. For instance, words in the -ack family include back, black, lack, pack, sack, tack, and so on. Almost 500 primary grade words can be derived from a very small set of word families. When students learn that words contain recognizable chunks that always sound the same, they’ve taken an important step on the road to reading fluency. This one-week unit targets several word families that students will encounter often.

Grades 2 - 3

Class Books: Have students make and illustrate books using the target words they learn in the lessons. For instance, when teaching word families, have students illustrate pages with different pictures that belong to a target word family (such as pack, sack, and tack for the word family -ack ), label each page with the name of the picture, and then staple the pages together to make a rhyming book. Similarly, have students create a book about a topic such as “Things We Did Yesterday” with pages featuring words that end in -ed (walked, played, colored, cooked, and so on).

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